by Möss Fölk

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released March 22, 2019

Recorded, and mixed at Dead Air studios by Will.


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Möss Fölk Worcester, Massachusetts

Hailing from the city of Worcester Massachusetts.

Looking for more opportunities to play
2019. Contact for booking inquiries.

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Track Name: Eye For Eye
Eye For Eye/Help them blink
Dive the die/Help them think
Build machines/they cant bleed
Eye for Eye/ We will seek

We can't save them
We the rapists
Dreams of places
Untouched nature

Eye for eye.
Track Name: Mammon
Drowning -In a sea of humans
Floating - just below the surface
Lying - all these fakers faking
Trying - mind and body breaking

Turning me
This disease
Turning me
It's not me

Suffer - suffer for the mission
Culture - culture Of Ambition
Watching - all these politicians
Taxing- they'll have all their wishes

Turning Me
This Disease
Burn the tree
See the truth
Track Name: Misery Mothers
Mothers Kiss your children
You'll never know what takes them
All those empty spaces
all their flags are faded

War in me
Choppers scream
Warning me
Warning me

War in me
War in me
Track Name: Rat King
All the seeds in the earth are farmed to reap
The cycle moves it never stops were all to bleed
never stopping the the never ending line proceeds
the worker dies he hangs his head a fucking flea

He'll eat the remains
The rat, the tick, the parasite, enjoys the fruits of pain
he'll eat the remains - Yeah
The rat king remains - Yeah

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